Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hooray! Back online!

Would you believe I've reset my password about 7 times? Seems I have too many passwords and this one just isn't sticking in my mind!

Sooooo much has happened in the last couple of weeks. My good friend Paul has set off on his epic trek to Everest Base Camp and believe it or not, ran into an old friend up there....I swear he knows everyone, but he's also one of those really awesome people that everyone likes to know and be around. The blogs of their trek are being updated daily and you can either follow them on facebook by liking Inspired Adventures or by going to:

Our Charity Dinner plans are progressing well. The websites to book tickets are
Attending Guests
Virtual Guests

Early Bird price is $165 and the Virtual Tickets are $20. Virtual tickets are for those that can’t make it on the night. They can buy a virtual ticket for them, their pets, in memory of someone or to show support for someone currently fighting cancer.  People who are attending the dinner will be able to purchase a virtual guest to accompany them for the evening (for a gold coin donation) and then if their virtual guest’s name is randomly drawn, they will both win a prize.  It should be fun and I’m really excited about that part of the evening.

The First Aid Kit fundraiser has gone well too – we’ve earned just over $600 now in profit to go towards paying deposits etc for the dinner. Our work social club has agreed to focus one of the happy hours on helping us fundraise too which is great – for a hand full of people they do quite a lot!

Things we have coming up....hitting the trails around the Blue Mountains and the NSW Snow Fields/Mt Kosciusko; Relay for Life – where we plan to walk 50km together; and, a photo comp (identify your SES) along with a Finance Vs Environment Bake Off! So much to organise, but first thing is the Day of Inspiration which I’ll head to Sydney for tomorrow and then spend Wednesday listening to amazing people share their insights on finding motivation etc. Should be an awesome day!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

First Aid Fundraiser

To help our fundraising for the Climb for a Cure: Africa Challenge, we are taking orders for TGA listed First Aid Kits. To order some of these awesome kits advertised below, you can email us and we'll find a way to get the kits to you. Payment is required in cash or money order only, before 10 Feb to allow for collection on 25 Feb (we are looking into an EFT option but we may not be able to get that organised in time).

If you are in Canberra, we will be taking last orders at the Canberra Dragon Boat Association Chinese New Year Regatta (11 Feb, Lotus Bay, Yarralumla). Come down and enjoy the racing, Lion Dancers and other activities. We will be located in the Finance Dragon Boat tents (look for an orange pop up shelter).

More info on our challenge can be found on our fundraising website.

Mini pocket display.jpgMini/ Pocket Kit - Cost $5.00 inc GST

Small plastic hard case First Aid kit

Content ( 28 pieces) - 5 x mini strips, 5 x round plasters, 3 x square plasters, 10 x adhesive strips, 1 x CPR face shield, 2 x splinter probe, 1 x wound wipe, 1 x First Aid guide.

Personal kit display.jpgPersonal Kit  - Cost $12.50 inc GST

Fabric nylon soft case

Content (46 pieces) – 2 x knuckle plasters, 5 x mini strips, 5 x round plasters, 2 x square plasters, 20 x adhesive strips, 1 x CPR face shield, 1 x latex glove (pair), 2 x island dressing, 3 x splinter probes, 2 x wound wipes, scissors, 1 resealable plastic bag, First Aid guide.

Car kit display.jpgCar/ TravelKit - Cost $20.00 inc GST

Fabric nylon soft case

Content (75 Pieces) - 5 x knuckle plasters, 5 x mini strips, 5 x round plasters,  5 x square  plasters, 25 x adhesive strips, 1 x adhesive tape, 1 x conforming bandage 7.5cmx4.5m, 2 x CPR face shield, 2 x latex gloves (pairs), 2 x island dressings, 1 x resealable bag, 5 x safety pins, scissors, 5 x splinter probes, 1 x tweezers, 3 x cotton buds, 3 x wound wipes, 1 x notepad, 1 x pencil, 1 x First Aid guide.

Family kit display.jpgFamily Kit - Cost $30.00 inc GST
Fabric nylon soft case
Content (118 pieces) – 2 x adhesive dressing, 5 x knuckle plasters, 5 x mini strips, 5 x round plasters,  5 x square  plasters, 50 x adhesive strips, 1 x adhesive tape, 1 x conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m, 1 x conforming bandage 5cm x 4.5m, 1 x crepe bandage 7.5cm x 1.5m,  2 x island dressing, 2 x saline 15ml, 2 x eye pads, 2 x gauze dressing, 5 x splinter probes, 1 x tweezer , 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x latex gloves (pairs),  1 x fabric dressing strip, 1 x re-sealable bag, 4 x wound wipes, 1 x notepad, 1 x pencil, 1 x First Aid guide.

And so the journey continues!

So how is it that my first post is the continuation of a journey? Well my journey began some time ago (I am about to turn 35 after all and I'd like to think I've done some living to date!).

Just now though I have a few things on my plate, starting with the Sun Run and Cole Classic in 2 weeks, then home to the UK in March for my cousin Laura's wedding, Easter I hope to be hiking around the snowies, June I hope to host a gala dinner as a fundraiser for my trip to Mt Kilimanjaro with Cure Cancer and Inspired Adventures to raise money for Cancer Research. Not stopping there, in April 2013, I hope to do the Paris Marathon with my friend Ange also with Cure Cancer through Inspired Adventures.

So, although there is much to talk about, right now I need to get onto some advertising for Kili. You can get some more info about our trip at our fundraising website but our first activity (other than what you'll read about on our fundraising page) is to sell First Aid Kits. I'll put up a separtate post with info on what you can get, but if you could please help us by collecting orders, it will really help us get going with our fundraising.

If you can help by collecting orders, drop us a note and we'll get you the flyers and the order sheets.

I'm really looking forward to this year - lots of fundraising activities, starting grad studies at ANU and a bunch of nuttiness to be had with friends (starting with a lazy hottest 100 afternoon this thursday!).

I wonder too, how much money do you think I can raise for Cure Cancer by this time next year? I think I could possibly pull off $25,000 ($2k/month plus $1k to top it up). I'd like to get there - that would be 3 months worth of research!  Ooh...let me just quickly explain why Cure Cancer is important. Cure Cancer sponsored 21 researchers in 2011, but what is unique about that is that they were all new innovative research projects. Finding initial funding is near impossible for medical researchers but once their research is underway, it's much easier to get the much needed funding to continue their research. So...Cure Cancer is all about the initial grants to give us the best possible opportunity to find a cure.

I hope you can help me, help Cure Cancer's researchers find a cure :)